Michal Medina is adored by brides in Israel and around the world for her exquisite designs and unabashedly romantic outlook. A dressmaking prodigy, she was raised in the haute couture tradition by her mother, an expert Moroccan seamstress. At 24, she began her formal path to becoming a world-renowned couture designer.


In 1990 Michal and her sister Shula founded Hatuna Levana, which quickly rose to become the largest bridal studio in Israel. Now, she is sharing her unique vision with a global clientele through her international couture line, Michal Medina.


Uncompromising quality, impeccable craftsmanship and a breathtaking design aesthetic are all hallmarks of a Michal Medina wedding dress. Her blending of modern and romantic sensibilities with a thrilling sense of theatre is legendary. High drama is always matched with unerring taste.


Often imitated, but never duplicated, the iconic designs of Michal Medina are synonymous with grace and beauty, timeless elegance and style.


Rich in detail and artistry, every Michal Medina gown tells a captivating story which comes to life as a bride makes the dress her own.


Michal personally shares in the joy and pride of the beautiful brides who become a part of the Michal Medina family. It can truly be said that Michalle Medina creates more than dresses – she produces works of art that beget a lifetime of memories.